Which results can you expect?

The Penta Power Tag technology works in a harmonizing and comforting way on many levels: physical, emotional and mental. You can experience the effect in different ways. Some people feel a difference almost immediately; with others the experience is more subtle and gradual.


Since my son and eldest daughter carry the Pendant with them, I can see more happiness and relaxation in them.


Personally I had a lot of problems with the tablet. If I had used it in the evening, I felt vibrations in my arms when I was lying in bed. This has completely gone after attaching a Penta Power Phone Tag.


As a therapist I regularly come into contact with highly sensitive people. They are troubled by radiation more often than less sensitive people. The Penta Power Tag stickers have shown in practice that they cover the majority of radiation layers. I have tried other stickers too, but those were not as effective.


I work very intensively with a smartphone and used to suffer from headaches and prickles in my head and ears. Immediately after attaching the Penta Power Phone Tag, I felt a significant difference and the headaches and prickles have completely gone.

We have recently moved our bedroom to another room, directly besides the laundry room, where the electricity meter is positioned. Since moving we have both had headaches and sore throats in the night, but we only told each other a few weeks later. We had heard about Penta Power from a friend and we had talked for a while whether or not we should get one for our home. The next day I ordered a Penta Power Home Tag. Our symptoms disappeared in one night. Nothing more is needed to convince us that it works and was necessary!
Such peace and tranquillity in my home and practice! Much less effects from all the radiation. Across the road from my practice is a nursing home with many aerials on the roof. Now it is less intrusive.

Test Results

The Penta Power Tags have been tested with different methods.

GDV measuring method

The working of the Penta Power Pendant was tested with the GDV or Gas Discharge Visualisation technique. A measurement was taken on two volunteers before and after wearing a Penta Power Pendant.After half an hour wearing the Pendant the measurements showed a stronger and more harmonious personal energy field, reduced stress and more balance in organs and bodily systems.

The results of the GDV meting measurement

Energy loss measuring method

An independent test centre performed an energy loss measurement with a synchrometer.

This measurement showed a very clear increase in energy in the test person after using the Penta Power Pendant and the Penta Power Home Tag.

Here you can find the increase of energy


Many people feel the working of the Penta Power Tags automatically. Two cases of objective and blind feeling respectively:

Adaptation Phenomena

Some people experience a short adaptation period when they begin to use the Penta Power Tags, because their body needs to grow accustomed to the higher energy field created by the Tags. This can result in a number of temporary effects that pass quickly and diminish, such as restless sleeping, a feeling of a physical ‘detox’ (headaches, a light feeling of pressure in the head or throat, dizziness…).

These are all short-term effects that usually disappear after a few days.

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