The effect of Penta Power measured with the Energy Loss measuring method

Test design

The measurement was performed with a synchrometer. This appliance measures the resistance of the skin and calculates the energy level of the test person based on the result. The test person was a middle-aged man.

The test was performed as follows:

  • First a zero measurement was performed on the test person to measure the energy level at the start of the test.
  • The person wore the Penta Power Pendant for five minutes around his neck. Then the energy was measured again. An increase of energy of 19% was measured.
  • The Penta Power Home Tag was held above the head of the test person for five minutes. A further energy increase of 10% was noted.
Energieverhoging met Penta Power Pendant en Penta Power Home Tag


The total energy improvement measured on the test person after using the Penta Power Pendant combined with the Penta Power Home Tag was 29%.*

*The working of the Penta Power Home Tag is complete and optimal after a minimum of three days. Probably the energy increase would have been even higher after three days. However, this extra measurement was not part of the plan and scope of the test.

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