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The Penta Power Widget has a calming and healing effect on the person who looks at it, consciously or subconsciously. The widget uses two existing techniques: The Penta Power Tag-technology and Ho’oponopono.

You can easily place this Penta Power Widget on your own website. Visitors to your website will experience a natural harmony and tranquillity.

Penta Power Tag-technology

The passive quantum technology of the Penta Power Tags transforms the possible damaging radiation effects of mobile phones, WiFi, DECT, bluetooth… and strengthens your energy field. This raises your vitality and energy.

The Penta Power Widget uses an active form of the same technology. It allows your brain frequency to drop softly, which makes you feel more relaxed. When you also allow the rhythm of your breathing to become slower and deeper, you quickly reach a state of deep relaxation.


Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian art of living through which you can erase negative memories and subconscious programmes in yourself. This brings inner peace and balance into your life.

Ho’oponopono is based on the following four phrases:

  1. I am sorry
  2. Please forgive me
  3. Thank you
  4. I love you

This technique is also included in the Penta Power Widget.

Discover here the Penta Power Tags for a vital and healthy life with radiation!
Penta Power Tag

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