Penta Power Tag technology

The Penta Power Tag technology has been developed to transform the possible negative impact of electromagnetic fields (radiation) on all life forms as much as possible, both in the physical and the energetic bodies.

What is radiation?

Radiation is an invisible but measurable energetic package that moves through space in a wavelike pattern in all directions. Each form of radiation has an electrical and a magnetic component. They ensure that our appliances work. Radiation also has a so-called scalar component. This is not necessary to make the appliances work, but is responsible for the possible negative impact of radiation.

Each form of radiation has a specific wavelength and frequency. The shorter the wavelength, the higher the frequency is and the more energy the radiation has. Therefore the effects on the bodies they ‘hit’ will be even greater.

Penta Power Electromagnetic spectrum

A sophisticated working

The Penta Power Tags work exclusively on the scalar part of the electromagnetic wave, whatever the frequency this wave has. They do not touch the electromagnetic component of the radiation. Your appliances continue to work as well as before.

The Penta Power Tag technology, based on the findings of Prof Dr Konstantin Meyl, generates a positive (scalar) field. This field transforms the possible damaging component of all forms of radiation for people, animals and plants. This technology is a form of passive quantum technology.

For whom the Penta Power products are suitable?
Which results can you expect with Penta Power?

Passive quantum technology

Passive technology is technology where no current or mechanical forces are used.

Quantum Physics

Quantum physics is a subfield of the science of physics, which studies occurrences that can be described through quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics is a physical theory that describes the behaviour of matter and energy on an atomic and sub-atomic scale. Many experiments have shown that quantum mechanics describes reality very accurately. This has made it one of the most successful scientific theories of all times. Quantum mechanics has many applications: the way many modern technologies, like computers and lasers, work, is based on characteristics of matter that cannot be explained in a classical way (using the laws of Newton).

Energy and Information

Matter, as we usually imagine it, does not exist. We do observe matter in a physical way, but in fact all matter is concentrated energy. Information ensures that energy takes on form. This information is carried by (non-linear) waves that can cross the entire universe with permanent strength and at speeds much higher than that of light. This information gives form to matter. In actual fact everything is essentially made up of energy and information.

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