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Penta Power Quattro Tag

Raises the energetic field in a specific surface area

The Penta Power Quatro Tag is a set of four identical white tags. The passive quantum technology in the tags neutralizes the possible damaging components of electromagnetic radiation. The four tags used together also raise the energy and vibration in the area where they are placed. The Penta Power Quatro Pro Tag works in the same way as the Penta Power Phone Tag, but in a larger surface area. You mark this area with the four tags.

Quick and long lasting results

The Penta Power Quatro Tag neutralizes negative fields and builds up a positive energetic field. As soon as the Quatro Tag is placed, the working begins. The process of adjustment happens quite quickly. As soon as the energy has stabilized, the Penta Power Quatro Tag keeps working permanently.


You can use the Penta Power Quatro Tag in any of the following places:


  • A window or door where electromagnetic radiation enters
  • A desk, with or without a computer or other Wi-Fi appliances
  • A bed
  • A treatment or massage table
  • The door of a fridge or freezer
  • A larder (shelf or door)
  • A microwave (front side)
  • A kitchen work surface
  • A food tray
  • The windscreen of a car

Where and how to place?

Place the four elements of the Penta Power Quatro Tag in the same surface area with the front side in the same direction (for example all four on the door of a fridge, not two on the door and two on the side).


Remove dust and any fatty substances where you want to attach the Penta Power Quatro Tag. Remove the protective strip and attach the stickers firmly (the direction does not matter).

Penta Power Quatro Tag beschermt tegen straling verhoogt energie en beschermt tegen esmog

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