Penta Power Phone Tag

Transforms all radiation from your wireless devices

Mobile phones, cordless phones and wireless Internet in your home or office can all potentially damage your health. Scientists advise against allowing children to use a mobile phone and state that great care should be taken when using wireless technology.

The Penta Power Phone Tag is equipped with passive quantum technology. technology that transforms the electromagnetic radiation emitted by your wireless devices. They continue to work as well as they did before but without a negative impact on your health.

Types and Sizes

  • Phone Tag Standard: 1 Phone Tag with a diameter of 19 mm, available in black or white
  • Phone Tag Mini Duo: a set consisting of 2 mini Phone Tags with a diameter of 9 mm, available in black or white.


  • The Phone Tag Standard is used for WiFi routers and amplifiers, powerline adapters and wireless TV communications, laptops and desktops, wireless music installations, printers and alarm systems.
  • The Phone Tag Mini Duo is used for frequently used, handheld or other portable devices. This includes smartphones, cell phones, tablets, smartwatches, Bluetooth earphones and headsets, DECT headsets and base stations (the components of a cordless telephone) and baby monitors.
    The two mini Phone Tags must always be attached to the same side of a device. If you are using a cover for your cell phone, smartphone or tablet, attach the tags to the outside of the cover and not to the back of the device itself.

Tip: To attach the Penta Power Phone Tag, first remove any dust or grease from the applicable surface. Next, remove the protective strip and press down on the sticker as firmly as possible (the direction does not matter).

Price and to order

1 set Phone Tag Mini Duo € 25,00
1 stuk Phone Tag standaard: € 18,00
2 stuks Phone Tag standaard: € 32,00
(€ 16,00 per piece)
5 stuks Phone Tag standaard: € 70,00
(€ 14,00 per piece)
10 stuks Phone Tag standaard: € 125,00
(€ 12,50 per piece )

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