Penta Power Phone Tag

Transforms possible damaging radiation

Mobile phones, cordless phones, wireless Internet in your home or office … Who would want to miss that? Even so the electromagnetic radiation of this technology possibly causes damage to your health. Scientists advise against allowing children to use a mobile phone and state that great care should be taken when using wireless technology.

The Penta Power Phone Tag is a wafer-thin device in the form of a sticker, equipped with passive quantum technology. This transforms the possible damaging radiation of your wireless appliances. They continue to work just as well as before, without a negative impact on your health.


To attach to:

  • Mobile phone
  • DECT, cordless phone as well as basic unit
  • WiFi router
  • Smartphone
  • Wireless TV distribution
  • laptop
  • Tablet
  • Desktop computer with wireless connection
  • Bluetooth-headset (oortjes)
  • Satellite navigation
  • Weather station with wireless antenna

Where and how to place?

  • On a mobile or cordless phone: preferably on the front, so that you can see the sticker. If this is not possible, then on the reverse side in the middle of the width of the appliance, so that it can remain stable and in place
  • Laptop: preferably close to the keyboard. Test beforehand with the protective paper still on the sticker whether or not the Phone Tag puts pressure on the screen when you shut the laptop. Otherwise place it on the outer casing of the laptop.
  • Desktop: preferably on the front under the screen. If this is not possible, then on the reverse side.

Remove dust and any fatty substances where you want to put the Penta Power Phone Tag. Remove the protective strip and attach the sticker firmly (the direction does not matter).

Types and Sizes

  • Standard Phone Tag: Available in black and white, diameter 19 mm
  • Mini Duo Phone Tag (for small appliances such as bluetooth headsets, Coyote…). Available in black, diameter 9 mm

Penta Power Phone Tag wit zwart mini

Price and to order

1 item standard: € 18,00
2 items standard: € 32,00
(€ 16,00 per item)
1 set Phone Tag Mini Duo € 25,00
5 items standard: € 70,00
(€ 14,00 per item)
10 items standard: € 125,00
(€ 12,50 per item)

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