Penta Power Pendant

Protects and strengthens your personal energy

Stress is everywhere in many forms. Electromagnetic radiation is just one of them, but a very important one. Due to the damaging influence of radiation and stress, your vitality slowly decreases. Physical, mental and emotional symptoms can increase. You don’t feel in form, you have less energy…

The Penta Power Pendant is a gentle way to protect you against this stress. This energetic pendant contains passive quantum technology and works on two levels:

  • It transforms the possible damaging components of radiation and stress.
  • It strengthens your personal energy field in a subtle way.

In this way you are better protected against stress.


Can be worn as a necklace or used as a key chain. If you are allergic to metal, please take the necessary precautions.

It is recommended to remove the Penta Power Pendant at night. This increases the self-healing power of the body.

Penta Power Pendant bestaat in zwart grijs en zilver

Types and Sizes

The Penta Power Pendant is available in black, white and gold.

Diameter: 37 mm

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