Penta Power Music Alfa Sound

The Penta Power Alpha Sound stimulates the alpha brainwaves while listening. Your mind becomes focussed and relaxed.

The sounds on this MP3 contain two types of active sound waves:

  • Audible natural sounds – the sound of waves on a beach – that produce a nice, tranquil atmosphere and enable relaxation.
  • Subliminal (inaudible) sound waves that stimulate the alpha waves in the brain.

If you listen to the Alpha Sound during mental work, your capacities, insights and creativity will be used and explored to the maximum. The duration of approximately 20 minutes offers optimal support for your brain processes. For example reading a book or a report in blocks of 20 minutes is a very efficient way to absorb information.

The Alpha Sound is also very suitable for supporting active meditation.

This soundtrack is ideal to begin with. The Penta Power Theta Sound is perfect to listen to after an Alpha session.