Penta Power Home Tag

Raises the energy in your home

The Penta Power Home Tag transforms the possible damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation in spaces and houses. The Home Tag also raises the energetic vibration in your home. The same passive quantum technology as in the Penta Power Phone Tag has been placed in a larger form here. That is why it is so much more powerful.

Quick and long lasting results

As soon as the Penta Power Home Tag is placed, it begins to work. The Home Tag transforms negative fields and builds up a positive energy field. This adjustment process can take a couple of days, so that you may need to adjust to the higher energy in your home. Once the energy has stabilized, the working of the Penta Power Tag is permanent.


The Penta Power Home Tag can be used in

  • a complete house
  • an apartment
  • heavy energetic spaces like a practice, treatment room or an office
  • stables for animals
  • greenhouses for plants and vegetables

Where and how to place?

Place the Penta Power Home Tag

  • as central as possible in your home
  • in the highest possible place
  • with the drawing facing downwards.

Remove any dust or fatty substances where you want to put the Penta Power Home Tag. Remove the protective strip and attach the sticker as firmly as possible (the direction does not matter).

You can also purchase a specially adapted plexi plexiglass sheet to which you can stick the Home Tag. This can then be screwed into a beam on the highest floor. Also convenient if you rent a house or apartment so that if you move you can take the Penta Power Home Tag with you.

Types and Size

The Penta Power Home Tag is available in two types:

  • Black: black background with white picture
  • White: white background with black picture

Diameter: 17 cm

Penta Power Home Tag Wit en Zwart tegen esmog bescherming tegen straling en stralingsbescherming

Price and to order

Penta Power Home Tag: € 145

Plexi Plexiglass sheet for attachment: € 15

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