Penta Power Gold Tag

Raises the energy field in the space around you

Stress factors are everywhere. In this way you can become imbalanced. With the Penta Power Gold Tag you can fill the space where you are with an increased energy field. The passive quantum technology in the Gold Tag transforms the possible damaging components of radiation and stress and strengthens the power of life of everything that lies on it.

This golden support can be easily taken anywhere. What the Penta Power Home Tag does for your entire home, the Penta Power Gold Tag does for the areas that surround you, wherever you are.



  • On the move
    Take the Penta Power Gold Tag with you in your bag or luggage: in the car, on public transport, on a journey, to your work… Put it on a table, a desk, bedside table, in a child’s room, in the fridge… It instantly starts to emit positive radiance. The Gold Tag is complementary to the Penta Power Pendant.
  • For energetically charging food and drink
    Put a jug of water, fruit or other foods on the Penta Power Gold Tag. You can even defrost products on it. The Gold Tag is complementary to the Penta Power Home Tag.


Diameter: 13 cm

Solid backing

Can be washed by hand

Penta Power Gold Tag stralingsbescherming bescherming tegen straling en esmog verhoging energieveld

Price and order

€ 97

Order your Penta Power Gold Tag online.

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