Penta Power 220 Tag

Transforms your electricity net

The media usually only tell us about the impact of high frequency radiation such as those from mobile phones and WiFi on our health. But our electricity network receives many high frequency signals too. The so-called Power Line Communication (PLC) signals, data communication on the electricity net, control the streetlights, our dag/night energy meters, ‘smart meters’ … These all communicate through our electricity network. The entire electricity network is comparable to one huge antenna.

The Penta Power 220 Tag transforms this high frequency radiation on the electricity network in your home. This happens through passive quantum technology . If you already have a Penta Power Home Tag in your home, then the 220 Tag is a perfect addition. Both are complementary and strengthen one another’s working in the home.


The Penta Power 220 Tag can be used for all electrical networks:

  • 220 volt and 380 volt
  • single or third phase versions
  • high voltage.


Its use is certainly recommended when one or more of the following applications are active:

  • ‘smart meters’
  • light dimmer switches
  • baby phone (also from the neighbours)
  • computer network via the electrical network (also from the neighbours)
  • TV via the electrical network (also from the neighbours)
  • convertor for solar panels
  • convertor for wind turbines.

Where and how to place?

Place the Penta Power 220 Tag on your electricity distribution box. Usually there are three boxes:

  • the sealed unit where the main cable enters
  • the electricity meter box
  • the fuse box.

Choose the option which is best suited for you, in this order of priority.

If you place the Penta Power 220 Tag on the meter box, ensure that the meters are still readable.

In an apartment place the 220 Tag on the fuse box of your apartment, on the outside or inside of the fuse box door.

Remove dust and any fatty substances on the place where you want to attach the Penta Power 220 Tag. Remove the protective strip and attach the sticker firmly (the direction does not matter).

Penta Power 220 Tag beschermt tegen hoogfrequente straling op het elektriciteitsnet

Price and order

€ 32

Order your Penta Power 220 Tag online

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