How does Penta Power work?

Transforming damaging radiation through positive fields

The Penta Power Tags make use of passive quantum technology, based on the findings of Prof Dr Konstantin Meyl.

The Penta Power Tag technology generates a positive field. This field transforms the possible damaging component of all forms of radiation for people, animals and plants.

The Penta Power Tag-technology works on all sorts of radiation sources and frequencies.

The electromagnetic component of the radiation remains untouched. Your appliances keep working just as well as before.

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Emoto Label

These water crystals, photographed by Masaru Emoto, are formed from water that stood on Penta Power Tags. They show the harmonizing working of the Tags. Penta Power is proud of its Emoto Label.

Dr. Masaru Emoto (1943-2014) did research on the effect of energy on water. He exposed water to different influences (positive or negative, harmonious or disharmonious) froze it and then photographed the crystals that had been formed. The experiments showed that positive and harmonious energies (e.g. a wish or prayer, classical music…) led to harmonious crystals, while negative and disharmonious energies (e.g. a curse, heavy metal music…) resulted in deformed crystals.

You can find more information about Masaru Emoto’s work in his book The hidden messaqes in water and in the film What the Bleep Do We Know?.

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