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Breng een Penta Power Phone Tag op al uw draadloze toestellen: gsm, smartphone, wifirouter, laptop … om de straling te neutraliserenThe Penta Power Tags are complementary: they each have a specific area of usage.

The most elementary usage is shielding electromagnetic radiation at the source. That is why it is a good idea to begin with the use of a Penta Power Phone Tag on all your wireless appliances: mobile phone, smartphone, WiFi router, laptop… In this way you stop the most acute source of radiation.

Additionally you can wear the Penta Power Pendant to strengthen your personal energy field. You can also add the Penta Power Home Tag to raise the energy in your home and protect the inhabitants against any radiation from outside. Without the Phone Tags it is a little like trying to ‘mop up whilst the tap is still running’.

Breng een Penta Power Phone Tag op al uw draadloze toestellen: gsm, smartphone, wifirouter, laptop … om de straling te neutraliseren

It is recommended to attach a Penta Power Phone Tagto each separate wireless appliance. Count the number of appliances you have in your home (including wireless printers, scanners…). Make use of the Home Kit-combinations for a discount price.

Het is aanbevolen om op elk afzonderlijk draadloos toestel een Penta Power Phone Tag te kleven.

The Penta Power Home Tag does raise the energy in the entire home. Even so it is recommended to also shield the radiation on your wireless appliances at the source with the Penta Power Phone Tag. In this way a large part of the damaging radiation is transformed and the Penta Power Home Tag can work even stronger.

De Penta Power Home Tag verhoogt de energie in een volledige woning.

The Penta Power Pendant strengthens your personal energy field. When you are out of the house, you come into contact with electromagnetic radiation from many other sources than your own smartphone, tablet, laptop… The Pendant helps to transform these stress factors and keep you in balance.

Attention: remove the Penta Power Pendant at night to raise the self-healing ability of your body.

The Penta Power Gold Tag is also good to use outside. The working is broader than that of the Pendant. The Gold Tag builds up a positive field and strengthens the energy in the space that surrounds you.

De Penta Power Gold Tag bouwt een positief veld op en versterkt de energie in de ruimte rondom u

De Penta Power Pendant sleutelhanger versterkt uw persoonlijk energieveldIt is recommended to only use the Penta Power Pendant yourself because this strengthens your personal energy field. Also preferably do not use anyone else’s Penta Power Pendant, just like you only use your toothbrush for yourself.

De Penta Power 220 Tag neutraliseert de hoogfrequente straling op het elektriciteitsnet in huisA lot of high frequency radiation comes into your home via the electricity network. The Penta Power 220 Tag works specifically on this high frequency radiation and neutralizes it. The Penta Power Home Tag is complementary with the 220 Tag and strengthens the general energy in your home.

Penta Power Quatro Tag op dienbladThe Penta Power Quatro Tag works in a specific surface area. This Tag is suitable to put on places that are heavily affected with electromagnetic radiation (e.g. a desk with lots of computer equipment) or places that can use an extra energetic boost (e.g. a treatment or massage table). The Penta Power Home Tag is complementary with the Quatro Tag and strengthens the general energy in your home.

No. If the Penta Power Tags are undamaged, they work constantly. There is no maintenance needed.

Some people go through a short adaptation process when they start to use the Penta Power Tags in their home. This is because they physically need to get used to the raised energy. Temporary symptoms can be: tiredness, restless sleep, light headaches, tension in the head or throat, dizziness… In the majority of cases these side effects disappear after a few days and you will begin to feel better than before.

The working of for example the Penta Power Home Tag builds up over a period of approximately three days. After that the energy is stabilized.

De Penta Power Home Tag neutraliseert de mogelijke schadelijke gevolgen van elektrostraling in ruimtes en huizen

AQwaVit Water Vitaliser vitaliseert water door energetische ballast te neutraliseren.Both products are complementary and strengthen one another.

The AQwaVit® Water Vitaliser removes old energetic imprints from the water and vitalizes it. The vitalized water promotes health, tranquillity and harmony and has a beneficial effect on your entire living space. In this way you are better protected from different sources of stress, such as e-smog and geopathic influences.

The Penta Power Tags actively transform the possible damaging effects of the different sorts of radiation (e-smog).

Penta Power Gold Tag neutraliseert de mogelijke schadelijke componenten van straling en stress, en versterkt de levenskracht van al wat erop ligt.The best thing is to wear a Penta Power Pendant yourself, because this strengthens your own energy field. When you find yourself away from home in strongly affected areas, it is recommended to take a Penta Power Gold Tag with you and place this on your desk for example.

At this moment there is controversy between two parties. On the one hand classical scientists try to prove that high frequency radiation, such as from mobile phones and WiFi, does not have any negative impact on people. On the other hand there is a group of scientists who are concerned about the discomfort this radiation causes for humans.

The World Health Organisation is in the middle of both sides. They presume that mobile phone radiation “can possibly cause cancer’ and that the suppliers of such high frequency appliances should take the necessary precautions.

Penta Power Tags Logo International Agency for Research on Cancer

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